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Pub owner takes a shower with gone off beer to entertain old customers

Publican has a beer shower with left over keg

Many of us are just trying to get on with life under lockdown and totally not thinking about the pub.

Even as the weather gets warmer, we are not at all thinking about a beer garden.

And it seems pub owners are faring just as well.

Publican Rob Lindsey, 33, has been missing his customers so much, he decided to keep them entertained by showering with beer. As you do.

The landlord of The Talbot Taphouse in Ripley, Derbyshire, has been left with gallons of off booze due to the coronavirus lockdown, which has forced him to shut up shop.

But instead of dwelling on the precariousness of being a business owner in the current climate, he decided to have some fun.

When a barrel of craft ale went out of date, Rob decided to give everyone a laugh by drenching himself in its contents.

And having a beer bath is as sticky as you can imagine.

Rob says the stunt left him stinking too.

In a video shot by himself and posted to his punters on social media, the trader can be seen standing over the keg and releasing the valve.

A powerful shot of liquid then shoots around 15ft into the air before Rob sticks his head in the way and starts scrubbing away.

The married dad-of-one said: ‘I always have to return the barrels empty for them to be reused so I thought I might as well have a bit of fun.

‘The idea was just to give my customers a bit of a laugh, which I thought they could do with at a time like this.’

He added: ‘It didn’t feel great to be honest and I absolutely stunk afterwards.

‘I jumped straight in the shower and got some dry clothes on.’

That’s sure to have made his customers smile.

Meanwhile, we are still not missing our local. Not even thinking about it.