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Bar owner removes $3,000 worth of bills stapled to the walls to pay employees

We’ve all come across cute coffee shops or trendy bars that are decorated with weird and wonderful ornamets.

In some travel cafes, for example, you may see currency from all over the world.

The Sand Bar in Georgia, however, collects dollar bills only and staples them to the walls and ceiling.

So when the coronavirus pandemic struck, owner Jennifer Knox had an idea.

Since many bars and restaurants plus non-essential stores are closing up shop, many buisnesses are struggling and laying off staff they can’t afford to keep on.

As Jennifer was unable to keep her employees on, she decided she wanted to pay them a severance.

But with money being tight, she had to get creative.

Soon she realised the entire bar is covered in bills and lockdown means we have more time than ever, she decided to unstaple every single bill and pay it out to her employees.

It took a week to get it all off and clean it and the grand total was $3,714 (£2,983).

But when locals heard about it, they decided to donate some cash too, taking the total up to $4,104 (£3,297), meaning that four bartenders and two musicians were given $600 (£482) each.

The Sand Bar had a tradition of stapling money to the wall and had been doing it for 15 years.

While it was sad for Jennifer to see the signature decorations coming down, she knew it was for a worthy cause.

She explained to American news outlets: ‘We were sitting there, doors locked, and I’m like “oh my gosh, there’s money on the walls” and we have time on our hands. We gotta get this money down.

‘I can’t just sit here and do nothing. I’ll do what I can for my people… We all look out for each other. We are all in this together.’

While $600 may be a good payout for her staff, she noted that the service industry is struggling under a global pandemic.

So Jennifer has set up a way to donate to the Tybee Island service industry via Venmo.